Do you like Yahoo’s new logo?

Do you like Yahoo’s new logo?

Yahoo! launched its new logo this month. Designed by Yahoo!’s President/CEO Marissa Mayer herself at Yahoo!  While Marissa announced the new Yahoo logo to be a success, early reactions suggest she’s in the minority. What do you think?

Do you like it? Can you recognize any improvements? How do you think it will affect their overall branding?  There are negative comments all over the Internet taking stabs at almost every aspect of the logo; like the height, kerning, color and the exclamation mark. There are even jokes online about how Yahoo’s new logo take a step back into the 90s.

As passionate graphic designers, we admit it’s awkward seeing large companies not incorporate basic design principles better. So Yahoo, if you’re reading this, please feel free to contact us for 30% off on a new logo design. In fact, the same goes for the entire planet earth. Anyone reading this post can get a new logo designed until the end of the month at 30% off by just clicking like on this post and our Facebook profile page, then simply contact us and let us know.

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