Typography’s Impact on Graphic Design, Web Design and Brand Identity.

Typography’s Impact on Graphic Design, Web Design and Brand Identity.

Typography impacts graphic and web design.

Typography impacts graphic design and web design.

Typography is a powerful tool for designers which can sometimes be overlooked. Graphic and web designers who care about typography may often need to explain why typography matters when trying to establish or maintain a company’s brand identity. Take the case of Apple’s stores, ever notice the careful and consistent application of the typeface they use? It’s called Myriad. Compare that with Kmart’s stores’ mash up way of using Gill Sands, Gotham, Helvetica and News Gothic. The results are that Apple’s look always appear fresh and new, while Kmart’s look, well, Kmart.

Understanding the role of typography when creating marketing material can allow you to tap into its big contribution to business – enhancing your companies communication. With typography, designers can persuade your audience to think the way you want them to think. Something as simple as coloring one word red in a sentence, can attract your reader’s focus. Creating visual effects via typography can sculpture the mood, tone and attitude of your message. Are you going for playful, subtle, bold, or empowerment? Typography can get your message out with a powerful expression. Coupled with images, typography can take your designs to a higher level. Graphic designers and web designers can discover opportunities in layout through typography, like identifying negative or positive shapes hidden in your Ads which can be exploited to further influence your viewers’ ideas and impressions. Designers who can tap into the flexibility of typography see words, font, size, color, and layout all as equally important elements. The key to typography is being able to bring the right elements together using good design aesthetics to effectively get your message across.  Contact for our services at design@thedeeper.com or call 1-702-800-ARTS- 2787.

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