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Facebook Announces Instant Article with Fluid Immersive Content.

Facebook announces their Instant Articles iPhone app which publishes thousands of articles every day which iPhone users can see in their news feeds. Instant Article features fluid interactive immersive content. Including auto play videos that come to life automatically.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles also let you zoom in and explore the details in high resolution by moving your iPhone around, you can view and swipe through seamless photo galleries, you can explore locations in the article by using relocation interactive maps. In Facebook, enhanced Instant Articles features are displayed automatically when friends or publishers share an Instant Articles links.  There are already thousands of Instant Articles on Facebook  daily from publishers like  MTV, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, and The New York Times. Other companies said to soon jump on the Instant Article bandwagon are The Verge, Rolling Stones, Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar, Entertainment Weekly, New York Post, Billboard magazine and more.

How To Drive Sales With Product Packaging Design

In times when consumers are actively ignoring marketing collateral, designers and CMOs can help make a large impact when it comes to driving company sales by using bio motive triggers at the point of consideration.  We know the best selling package designs appeal to the subconscious brain before the shopper’s logic kick in. Designers can leverage shoppers’ instinctive attractions by including bio motive triggers on their packaging and label designs. While successful branding design should have its unique point of view expressing why your product is relevant to consumers’ lives, we know it’s also vital your packaging design actually help to do the work of driving sales.

Package Design for NEAT GLASS

Package Design for NEAT glass, Las Vegas NV.

One bio motive trigger designers can use to help drive sales is eye contact. When people feel or sense something is looking at them, we instinctively look back. Being certain your design has a clear focal point can help attract shoppers’ line of sight, which should land on the essence of your product.

Simplicity in design is another great trigger, simplicity triggers a sense of calm and because the world we live in is so busy, shoppers tend to gravitate towards visually calm experiences. Your clean, calm packaging design on a shelf in contrasts to the noise around it can increase your companies sales by huge percentages.

Package Label Design Las Vegas Nevada

Package Label Design Drive Sales for NEAT glass, Las Vegas.

We’ve listed a couple bio motive triggers here, but there are plenty elements designers can use, such as color, shapes, emotions and more. To be certain that your package designs are communicating attraction, you can do the 5 year old child test. If you can visually describe your brand to a five-year-old child, send them into the store and they actually find your packaging design within a fairly short time, you are connecting with shoppers. With this type iconic connection and of course product costumer satisfaction, consumers will return and repeat shop time after time. Contact us for your winning product package design at or call 1-702-800-ARTS-(2787).

Do you like Yahoo’s new logo?

Yahoo! launched its new logo this month. Designed by Yahoo!’s President/CEO Marissa Mayer herself at Yahoo!  While Marissa announced the new Yahoo logo to be a success, early reactions suggest she’s in the minority. What do you think?

Do you like it? Can you recognize any improvements? How do you think it will affect their overall branding?  There are negative comments all over the Internet taking stabs at almost every aspect of the logo; like the height, kerning, color and the exclamation mark. There are even jokes online about how Yahoo’s new logo take a step back into the 90s.

As passionate graphic designers, we admit it’s awkward seeing large companies not incorporate basic design principles better. So Yahoo, if you’re reading this, please feel free to contact us for 30% off on a new logo design. In fact, the same goes for the entire planet earth. Anyone reading this post can get a new logo designed until the end of the month at 30% off by just clicking like on this post and our Facebook profile page, then simply contact us and let us know.

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