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Web Design Tips: Increase Sales & Click Through Emails Results, with Call To Action.


Having good Call To Action in your website design is vital for creating effective email newsletters and sales. Your Call To Action Statement informs your readers what you would like for them to do, such as Call Now, Sign Up, Book A Ticket, Buy Now and so on. When creating your Call To Action remember to:

• Create a Call To Action (CTA) that resonates with your specific recipients.

• Keep it short and as concise as possible.

• Be persuasive – use command verbs like “sign up” and “join”.

• Keep marketing email letters coherent, try not too overdo CTAs, too many can distract your readers.

• Design CTAs images using contrasting colors, so your Action Statement stands out.

• Use hyperlinks for your CTAs, can be images or text.

If you’re creating or managing your own Email Campaigns, the tips above can help your website design drive sales. If you are interested in speaking with us about helping to improve website traffic and sales for your business, Contact us at: 702.900.2787 or


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