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How To Drive Sales With Product Packaging Design

In times when consumers are actively ignoring marketing collateral, designers and CMOs can help make a large impact when it comes to driving company sales by using bio motive triggers at the point of consideration.  We know the best selling package designs appeal to the subconscious brain before the shopper’s logic kick in. Designers can leverage shoppers’ instinctive attractions by including bio motive triggers on their packaging and label designs. While successful branding design should have its unique point of view expressing why your product is relevant to consumers’ lives, we know it’s also vital your packaging design actually help to do the work of driving sales.

Package Design for NEAT GLASS

Package Design for NEAT glass, Las Vegas NV.

One bio motive trigger designers can use to help drive sales is eye contact. When people feel or sense something is looking at them, we instinctively look back. Being certain your design has a clear focal point can help attract shoppers’ line of sight, which should land on the essence of your product.

Simplicity in design is another great trigger, simplicity triggers a sense of calm and because the world we live in is so busy, shoppers tend to gravitate towards visually calm experiences. Your clean, calm packaging design on a shelf in contrasts to the noise around it can increase your companies sales by huge percentages.

Package Label Design Las Vegas Nevada

Package Label Design Drive Sales for NEAT glass, Las Vegas.

We’ve listed a couple bio motive triggers here, but there are plenty elements designers can use, such as color, shapes, emotions and more. To be certain that your package designs are communicating attraction, you can do the 5 year old child test. If you can visually describe your brand to a five-year-old child, send them into the store and they actually find your packaging design within a fairly short time, you are connecting with shoppers. With this type iconic connection and of course product costumer satisfaction, consumers will return and repeat shop time after time. Contact us for your winning product package design at or call 1-702-800-ARTS-(2787).

Typography’s Impact on Graphic Design, Web Design and Brand Identity.

Typography impacts graphic and web design.

Typography impacts graphic design and web design.

Typography is a powerful tool for designers which can sometimes be overlooked. Graphic and web designers who care about typography may often need to explain why typography matters when trying to establish or maintain a company’s brand identity. Take the case of Apple’s stores, ever notice the careful and consistent application of the typeface they use? It’s called Myriad. Compare that with Kmart’s stores’ mash up way of using Gill Sands, Gotham, Helvetica and News Gothic. The results are that Apple’s look always appear fresh and new, while Kmart’s look, well, Kmart.

Understanding the role of typography when creating marketing material can allow you to tap into its big contribution to business – enhancing your companies communication. With typography, designers can persuade your audience to think the way you want them to think. Something as simple as coloring one word red in a sentence, can attract your reader’s focus. Creating visual effects via typography can sculpture the mood, tone and attitude of your message. Are you going for playful, subtle, bold, or empowerment? Typography can get your message out with a powerful expression. Coupled with images, typography can take your designs to a higher level. Graphic designers and web designers can discover opportunities in layout through typography, like identifying negative or positive shapes hidden in your Ads which can be exploited to further influence your viewers’ ideas and impressions. Designers who can tap into the flexibility of typography see words, font, size, color, and layout all as equally important elements. The key to typography is being able to bring the right elements together using good design aesthetics to effectively get your message across.  Contact for our services at or call 1-702-800-ARTS- 2787.

Las Vegas Sign Makers


Thank You Betty Willis born 1923 for being the brilliant, trailblazing designer of the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, and Buzz Leming   the distinguished draftsman, born 1940, a terrific artist  that created some of the most iconic casino signs in Las Vegas. Both passed last month on April 19th. Their creations helped make the Las Vegas skyline known and loved worldwide. Some of their many creations included: the Barbary Coast, Blue Angel, City Center Motel, Dunes, Excalibur, Hacienda, Moulin Rouge, Westward Ho, Hacienda, Showboat, Las Vegas Club, Stardust, and the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign,.

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Product Illustration in Hyperrealism

Hyperrealism is a cool independent art movement and art style, a genre of painting and sculpturing developed since the 2000’s in USA and Europe.  Hyperreal artist aim to create an illusions of reality by resembling the look of a high-resolution photograph, without being an exact interpretation.

Hyperreal painting creates a sense of a solid physical presence through subtle lighting and shading effects. Shapes, forms and areas closest to the forefront of the image visually appear beyond the frontal plane of the canvas.

Many hyperreal paintings are achieved by using various mediums such as airbrush, acrylics, oils or combinations. Digital images created in hyperrealism appear to be actual paintings taken from photographs, yet they are fully created on computers.

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