Online Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Ads. First Thing’s First.

Online Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Ads. First Thing’s First.

Website Tips: Online Marketing for the Beginner

Website Tips: Online Marketing

If you have online ads with great looking images and phrases but they are not making you profits, you may need to fix the basics of your marketing funnel path. The marketing funnel draws your audience to your point of sale, execute transactions and follows up with re-marketing. The path includes: Planning, Reaching, Action, Converting, and Engaging. Once all is in place, your Ads can be profitable.

PLAN – Understand what constitutes a target market and make sure your Ads are getting in front of the correct target market. Your website, SEO and social networks should all be in place before launching Ad campaigns.  Check your branding. Make sure your Ads are attractive to your audience and clearly communicate why your products or services are relevant to their lives?

REACH  –  Be sure all partners involved are taking the right steps for reaching your target market when publishing, promoting and sharing your Ads.  Make sure the outpost and networks they are targeting your Ads to reach actually draw people back to your website.

ACT – Be sure your website content is useful to visitors.  Once online traffic land on your website, make sure your interactive tools such as blogs, catalogs, forms, shopping cart, etc… are up to professional standards and inspire your visitors to act.

CONVERT – Capitalize on your marketing investment, convert traffic into gains. Make sure your website design and functionality can delivery you your assets. Such as processing sales, delivering you leads and orders. Improve and add to what works and eliminate what does not in your marketing funnel.

ENGAGE – Happy customers are your best social marketing advocates, they are key to repeat business and referrals. Build and keep a client list, follow up and re-market.




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