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2012 Web Design Trends

As we transition to New Year 2012, we see web site design trends change as well. While past design trends focused on looks and beauty, Our favorite trend this year is functionality. If you search online for “2012 web design trends”. You’ll find a list of great web design trends for 2012, including the trend of focusing on functionality for web design in 2012.

Market forces pushing the web design functionality trend in 2012 are things like; the apps storm, the rise of upstart social networks, smart phones, mobile platforms, new hardware devices with differing standards, increase use of HTML5. Being a good website designer involves staying current with market demands and keeping up with web design trends. We suggest you explore what’s new in website design trends for 2012. Then apply your findings towards creating new innovative ideas, breaking design barriers, and improving on your existing techniques in ways that work for you. Check out some of the search results from this google search link


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